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Sept.29, 2006
Special Campaign Detail

We have received a total of $50,000 in donation from the high level members in a little less than 2 weeks time.......


Sept.16, 2006
Server has been restored

Many members have informed us that there was a group of hackers attacking many online businesses, security sites, and hosting providers lately and......


July.15, 2006
Mid-Year Campaign Draw Result

Draw result for the Mid-Year Campaign has been completed. We have sent all winners an email with instructions to withdraw the campaign prizes......

July.1, 2006
Mid-Year Campaign Update

We're very happy to see so many people participating in this yearˇ¦s campaign. The activity ratio has increased dramatically and the best thing is ......



"Lost money on the internet ? Find out below what YOU can do about it !"

- Johnny Hale

Dear friend,

If you're reading this, that means you have lost money on the internet just as I had before.

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Does this sounds like you ?

Wouldn't you rather be with a program more professional to guide you every step of the way to Financial Freedom ?

Well my friend, you're in luck.

Because this is what Reality-Networkers all about.

Here at Reality-Networkers, we're not a group of internet gurus. We're just a group of beginner/intermediate network marketers trying to earn some money online.

Instead of following the instructions written by some guru many years ago, here, we share our experiences and support each other on a regular basis.

You don't have go to around testing out different marketing methods/tools/strategies. Reality-Networkers has a group of networkers ready to do all the experimenting for you.

So instead of losing so much time and money testing, all you have to do now is sit back and relax and every month you'll be given a report to see exactly what works and what doesn't!

The best thing is, that's not all you'll get here!

By using the resources and support given by ALL of Reality-Networkers' members, all you'll ever need to refer is 5 people. That's it!

Once you have your 5 referrals, all you have to do is help them get their 5 with the help from the ENTIRE Reality-Networkers members!

As soon as you have your 5x3 matrix filled, you'll be able to start taking out your entire team of people to join as many programs out there as you wish.

There is no limit on how many programs you can take them to, and you will not be limited to join the programs we ask of you.

You have complete control over your team! Making money online can't get any easier than this !!!

Already, over 583,000 people have joined us in as little as 2 years and thousands of them are making an enormous amount of money every single day!

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